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“Who looks outside, dreams.

  Who looks inside, awakens."

                               C.G. Jung


About My Practice

I aim to provide a safe and nurturing therapeutic relationship so that we can collaboratively explore your life: to gain insight into its underlying patterns and difficulties and to support your hopes and goals for yourself.

My approach draws from various psychological approaches, but my fundamental orientation is rooted in Jungian Depth Psychology. Depth Psychology views a person’s symptoms and suffering not simply as a problem that needs to be “fixed” as quickly as possible; instead it seeks to understand the underlying causes of the symptoms as part of a broader search for meaning and purpose. Problems become opportunities for personal renewal and positive change – doorways to a more authentic and fully-lived life.

I am deeply committed to the uniqueness of each person’s psyche, and embrace all differences and diversity. 


Psychotherapy Services


Exploring your life in partnership with a caring, dedicated professional can be a remarkable gift to yourself. I believe it is one of the best ways to create lasting change. I work with individuals on depression, anxiety, stress, grief, substance abuse, relationship and work issues, creative blocks, sexual identity, trauma, loss of meaning and purpose... 


An adolescent has one foot in the safety of childhood, while the other is eager to separate from parents and childhood home, and head out into the world. Therapy can provide a steady, neutral and trusted source of support to sort through the conflicting emotions of adolescence, and to assist the young person to gain a better understanding of who they really are, beyond and beneath the influences of friends and culture...


Good relationships don’t just happen. So many of us bring into their relationships their dysfunctional patterns, past wounds, cultural programming, and societal expectations that - often without realizing it - we have taken on as our own. The more we become aware of our unconscious scripts, the more we are be able to find and maintain satisfying and happy relationships...


Being a parent is one of the most challenging journeys a human being can embark on. It can be utterly demanding, joyous, 

confusing, overwhelming, and profoundly satisfying - sometimes all at once. Parenting can stir up emotions you had no idea you were capable of. Not coincidentally, parenthood is also an amazing opportunity for personal growth. Ultimately, you support your child best by becoming the most authentic and best version of yourself...


Children express emotions differently than adults. The younger children are, the less they are able to articulate their feelings, and the more likely that they will act them out behaviorally, exhibit sleep disturbances, or have social issues. Play therapy can help children express and integrate their feelings, and help them learn how to regulate their impulses and regain emotional equilibrium...

Sandplay & Dreams

Sandplay is a nonverbal form of therapy where the client creates images in a sandtray, choosing from a large selection of miniature figures. Similarly to working with 

dreams, the contemplation of the resulting images and symbols can open new avenues of understanding of how the unconscious expresses itself in conscious life. It allows the ego to step aside, making way for spontaneous expressions of the psyche...

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